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   VeeJay is a violin quartet group that plays the contemporary jazz music based on traditional classical music.

   First album "AZUR" is the beautiful blend of Be-Bop, Hard-Bop Jazz tastes and traditional classical fragrances. Original 5 tunes are dedicated to great Jazz giants and classical music maestros: Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter, Clifford Brown, Chick Corea, Pulanc, Vitali.

  The other beautiful arrangements are based on famous classical masterpieces by Mourice Ravel, Beethoven, Rachmaninov, Elgar.  


Designed by Tatsuhiro Nakajima ©Sunnyday

1st  album "AZUR"




Blue is a majestic color that makes the image of nature such as the sky and the sea.

I tried to incorporate the majesty and the things recalled from blue, sorrowful melodies in the long note of the violin.


2.Pavane ( pour une infante défunte )


I arranged the beautiful Ravel’s composition into seven beats and finished it to an aggressive tune.

3.No Brownies Allowed In Here


A rehearsal in college. 

When I was drinking Starbucks coffee in the hall, I was told that "Did you see the sign outside?" by our teacher Mr Ron Carter.

"It says no coffee allowed in here." I answered.

We called him “Professor Carter”.

He is a strictly friendly person.

Brownie is Clifford Brown.

It is a lovely tune that imaged Be-Bop.



Russian composer Rachmaninoff's masterpiece was finished in 3/4 time jazz arrangement.

Melody's beauty and fusion of jazz are creating new tastes.

5.Wayne's Ivory Steps  


This original tune dedicated to great Wayne Shorter.

It is a tribute to his talent that produced a lot of masterpieces and a tribute to an increasingly energetic jazz giant.

6.Pathetique Sonata 


I locked Ludwig van Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13 "Sonata Pathétique" in the contrast between the slow straight 8th feel and the medium swing.

The melody of Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 6 "Pathétique" is also played by the double bass.


7.Butterfly of Amarillo 


Amarillo means yellow in Spanish.

The way yellow butterflies fly is expressed in passionate rhythms and melodies dedicated to the composer Francis Poulenc.

8.Nimrod (from Enigma Variations) 


It is a masterpiece frequently chosen as an encore in classic concerts.

It is a simple melody, but also the harmony becomes increasingly thicker with the sound of the electric guitar.

It may the only challenging song of the album this time.

9.Quiet Moon (and Violet Stars) 


This tune is for a tranquil moon and dim stars floating in black darkness.

Another version is also released from T-Toc Records.

10.Azur (remix)  



                                                                 all songs arranged by takuRo 


1stアルバム 「AZUR」


1.Azur  『アズール・青の歌』






2.Pavane ( pour une infante defunte ) 『亡き王女のためのパヴァーヌ』





3.No Brownies Allowed In Here『ノー・ブラウニーズ・アラウド・イン・ヒア』



”It says no coffee allowed in here."

先生の呼び方は、Professer Carterでした。厳しく優しい人です。





4.Vocalise 『ヴォカリーゼ』






5.Wayne's Ivory Steps  『ウェインズ・アイボリー・ステップス』






6.Pathetique Sonata  『悲愴ソナタ』






7.Butterfly of Amarillo  『バタフライ・オブ・アマリージョ』 





8.Nimrod (from Enigma Variations) 『ニムロッド〜エニグマ変奏曲より』 





9.Quiet Moon (and Violet Stars)  『静寂の月(そして紫の星)』

漆黒の闇の中に浮かぶ静かな月と、薄暗い星たちのための曲。別バージョンもT-Toc Recordsより発表されています。




10.Azur (remix)  『アズール・青の歌(リミックス)』



                                                                 all songs arranged by takuRo 

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